Personal statement
The way we can all uniquely move our bodies is what moves me! Every body is different which gives me the motivation to stay fresh in the work. It is truly amazing how the practice of pilates can benefit any person no matter their condition.  

Who is your fitness inspiration
My mentor and trainer, Diane Diefenderfer. Even in her age is she a wonderful role model and inspiration to keep going in the work. She suffered from dance related injuries like I did and recover with the Pilates method makes me want to turn my lemons into lemonade like she did.

I keep my Neaumix Fit work out fresh
Bringing new tricks to the classes every time. Mixing up the moves is important to keep from being stagnant in the work and from plateauing in the body.

I can’t start my day without
Hot tea. Send me to rehab, because I’m officially addicted to rooibos.

Playlists look like
Mostly great songs to dance to and good clean hip hop.

I splurge on
SWEETS. I can sense them from a mile away.