Personal Statement:
Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind

Who is your fitness inspiration:
My mom, she provided me with emotional strength and was always very supportive. She always inspired me to be the best version of me. I have survived her and I know that she would be very proud of all my accomplishments and the woman I have become. She was always impressed with my perseverance and dedication.

I keep my Neaumix Fit workout fresh by:
Bringing some new moves into my workout and waiting for that smile on our clients face when they are able to hit that move that they have been working on

I can’t start my day without:
A great workout

If I’m splurging, is it sweet or salty?
SWEETS… vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.!! Candy is another favorite of mine, I always have some kind of candy in my purse:)

What’s on my favorite playlist?
80’s hits, pop and alternative rock