Our brand is important to us. We have created the One Stop Fitness Shop!

“Get Stronger, Feel Great, Create a Whole Neau You”

Neaumix Fit is about all Progress, Fitness and Community

We have created a place where clients of all ages and physical states can participate
in one group class to work towards a common fitness goal!

Neaumix Fit is a safe and effective workout that shows results and builds healthy physically strong bodies and minds.

Pilates and Cycle is the perfect combination of high intensity fitness classes paired with muscle toning and strengthening.
The workout at Neaumix Fit is never boring. The classes are inventive and fresh!

Join the Pilates craze and dive right in!

Small Boutique Fitness has grown exponentially year over year.
Specialty studios like Neaumix Fit make up more than 40%
of the health club fitness market in the current industry.



Open a studio with Neaumix Fit and create a place where clients can improve their cardiovascular fitness with Cycle Classes and strengthen and change their bodies with Pilates in the same space. It is truly a match made in Heaven.

Neaumix Fit offers training and support on all things needed to open a successful business from its operation down to our training programs for class instruction.

The training has been tried and works!


Neaumixfit opened in June of 2015 and grew from 30 classes a week to over 50 classes offered per week in 2 years.

Melissa Chavez, the Founder believes that the combination of pilates and cardio was the perfect match for a well-rounded fitness regime. She has worked tirelessly to create an environment for all ages to enjoy a Neau type of boutique studio where you get hands on training in a small group setting for a great price!

Come see a class for yourself today and get hooked!

Neaumix Fit has taken all the upfront hard work it takes to get a concept off the ground and successful.
We have done all the heavy lifting. Our easy operational training and instructor training program will make it easy to get instructors filling those classes in no time. The model also allows an owner to hire a manager and run the business as an investment and stay out of the teaching if desired. It also allows an owner to teach classes and be a part of the studio as much as they want to.

Operations & Training

Our team is committed to supporting the franchisee experience through every step of the way. We have world class training for all facets of exercise as well as the daily operation of the business. We are here to support our franchisees as they establish their locations and their target markets to maximize their profits.

Let’s Make Some Magic Together!



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